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Our Mutant vehicle is called BlockHaus!

The mutant vehicle is effectively a 3-story building on wheels covered in LEDs with a stellar DJ Booth just outside an elevated Steam-room and a shower.

Every night at dusk, BlockHaus will set sail on to the Playa, in search of a place to park, party and steam! 

We will be one of those brights objects shooting fire in the distance that people see  and go “Wow!  What is that? Let’s go check it out!”

Those who reach it will be amazed to find out it is a STEAM ROOM! They will take a ticket, and while waiting their turn, can dance under the dj booth and hang with new friends outside. When their number is called they can disrobe, and climb up the stairs to our steam room to get cleaner than they have been all week, while watching the beauty of the burn from the top of our Art Car.

After their steam they will be glowing and can enjoy a clean (likely mostly naked) party on top of the car towering over the Playa, meeting new friends and maybe even the love of their life.  Post steam naked parties are the best parties!  We will be hosting them all week, and YOU can be a part of it!
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